LifeVac Dechoker Reviews - Emergency Choking Airway Clearing Device Worth It?

Imagine the horror. You’re having a dinner party at your home, and a guest starts to choke on a piece of steak. What do you do? You’ve never executed the Heimlich maneuver; you’ve only seen it in movies. You try to give it a shot, but the piece of beef remains stuck.

Panic sweeps through the room as everyone realizes what’s going on and the life-threatening risk it presents. Do you call 911? Do you attempt the Heimlich again? Or do you reach for your LifeVac device and clear the victim’s airways?

Introducing LifeVac - Saving Lives Around the Globe

When you’re facing a life-threatening choking situation, every second matters. You can’t afford to waste time panicking, and the person who is choking might perish before the paramedics arrive. You must take immediate action if you want the person to survive.

The LifeVac is the world’s first anti-choking device, clinically proven to work in life-threatening situations. The company behind developing LifeVac is committed to saving lives and eliminating choking risks around the world. Its mission is to eradicate choking hazards, and it’s on track to achieving its goal.

The LifeVac is the result of thousands of hours of research and development. It fits comfortably and securely to the face, with simple, effective operation. The LifeVac is the world’s first non-invasive device for clearing the airways in the event of a choking emergency.

You don’t have to stick a tube down someone’s throat, and its manual operation doesn’t require any power source. Its compact design makes it easy to store and deploy in seconds, with no advanced setup.

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The LifeVac relies on creating vacuum suction to dislodge the choking hazard from the airways. Its one-way valve pulls air out of the victim’s airways and lungs, creating enough force to dislodge the most stubborn choking hazards.

You don’t need medical or paramedic training to operate the device. Its user-friendly operation is easy enough for kids to use, with a basic introduction to the unit and its manual operation.

The LifeVac anti-choking device doesn’t require any experience to operate and save someone’s life. Apply it to the individual and use the three-step process to dislodge the choking hazard. The LifeVac is also suitable for self-use. If no one is around to help, use the LifeVac to save your life before it’s too late.

LifeVac is gaining traction in media, and you might have seen it advertised on leading media outlets like BuzzFeed, Fox, The Doctors, and Forbes. Order a LifeVac today and eliminate choking risk in your household, on the road, or at the office. It’s a must-have device for restaurants, daycare facilities, and anywhere a choking risk may emerge.

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How Does the LifeVac Work?


When a life-threatening choking situation develops, you need to act quickly. A lack of oxygen to the brain for just four minutes is enough to cause brain damage and possible brain death. The LifeVac gives you the ultimate anti-choking device, ready to save lives in a matter of seconds.

The LifeVac is a user-friendly device. People of all ages can learn to use the device effectively. It’s also suitable for use on adults and children. The device comes with two different masks, one for children and another for adults. Fit the right mask and get to work, saving lives.

The quick deployment of the LifeVac matters most in life-threatening choking situations. You don’t want to fumble around with it and waste precious seconds when time matters most. Activate the LifeVac, set it up in a flash, and save someone’s life.

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The user-friendly operation of the LifeVac makes it simple to set up and operate. Fit the LifeVac securely over the mouth and nose to create an air-tight seal. Pull on the neck of the LifeVac to create a vacuum and suck out the choking hazard in a single pop.

If the choking hazard doesn’t dislodge from the throat after the first try, press down the neck of the LifeVac and pull it up again. The LifeVac imitates the action of the Heimlich maneuver - the gold standard of eliminating choking hazards.

However, many people don’t know how to execute the Heimlich maneuver effectively, especially if you have no experience with it. The LifeVac gives you an effective tool for creating the same action, with no experience required.

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The LifeVac device is FDA-recognized as a Class 2 suction device. It’s not FDA-approved or certified because the FDA doesn’t offer these certifications for suction devices. However, thousands of doctors around the globe approve the LifeVac for use in choking emergencies.

The LifeVac is compact and lightweight, making it easy to store. This affordable lifesaving equipment has already saved over 1,000 lives worldwide. Order it today and prepare yourself. Having a LifeVac on hand in a choking emergency can mean the difference between life and death.

Here’s a quick three-step process for using the LifeVac in a choking emergency.

  • Step #1 - Fit the correct mask to the LifeVac and place it over the mouth.
  • Step #2 - Push down gently on the device’s neck to create a suction vacuum.
  • Step #3 - Pull the neck of the LifeVac to dislodge the choking hazard.

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LifeVac - Features & Benefits


The LifeVac is registered with the FDA as a Class 2 suction apparatus.


Hundreds of doctors and medical professionals around the globe recommend LifeVac.

Proven Safe & Effective

Over 100,000 LifeVac’s sold worldwide. Third-party tested and clinically studied.

Compact & Lightweight

There are no electronic components. This manual device is lightweight, compact, and easy to use.

Free Replacements

Get a free replacement after use. Send back the used device, and you get a new one delivered free.

Suitable for Adults & Children

Every LifeVac kit comes with child and adult-sized masks.

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Easy to Store

Keep a LifeVac in the car, at home, in your office, in a first aid kit, or your camping gear.

24/7 Customer Support

Speak to real human support agents, not bots.

Manufactured in the USA

Made to international quality standards in an FDA-approved cGMP facility.

LifeVac - Pros & Cons


  • Save lives in choking
  • Dislodges choking hazards fast.
  • Easy to assemble and use in emergencies.
  • FDA-registered.
  • Great savings on bundle deals
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • International shipping is available.
  • Free shipping on bundle orders in the USA.


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The LifeVac is available on promotion. You can afford to stock up on this lifesaving device for emergencies at these prices. Keep a LifeVac in the home, in the car, and at the office. Pack one in your first aid kit and keep another in the kitchen.

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LifeVac - FAQ

Q: Does the LifeVac work on adults and children?

A: Yes. The LifeVac is suitable for use on young children. The guidelines state they must have a minimum body weight of 22 lbs (10kg). The device comes with two masks of different sizes for adults and children. Both masks are included in the home and travel kits.

Q: Can I reuse the LifeVac?

A: LifeVac is a single-use device. You can’t reuse it because the food or choking hazard combined with your body fluids presents a bacterial infection risk on reuse. However, you can use the device several times in a row if it doesn’t dislodge the choking hazard on the first attempt. If you need to use it during a choking emergency, They will replace it for free.

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Q: Can I use the LifeVac on myself during a choking emergency?

A: Yes. LifeVac is suitable for self-administration in a choking emergency. It’s a good idea to practice with the device when you get it to familiarize yourself with its operation. In a choking emergency, you won’t have time to figure things out despite the simple operation of this life saving device.

Q: Does LifeVac have a return policy?

A: Yes. Every order comes with a 10-day return guarantee from the day you receive your order. If you’re not happy with your LifeVac device, send it back for a replacement or refund.

Q: Does LifeVac ship internationally?

A: Yes. LifeVac ships internationally to more than 40 countries. However, you’ll need to pay a shipping fee. There will be a customs charge at your port of entry. Free shipping only applies to US orders. Depending on your location, delivery times may vary between 10 to 15 business days.

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