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  • Friday, February 23, 2024 3:32pm
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Have you ever wondered if your brain is operating at its full potential? We’ve all heard the adage that we only use 10% of our brain’s capacity, and unlocking the rest of its potential would make us a genius. That’s not correct.

We all use 100% of our brain capacity, but genetic factors influence our brain’s “plasticity” and its ability to create neuron growth factors (NGFs). Brain plasticity is significant in our learning experience and the execution of the knowledge we accumulate through life.

However, plasticity is also responsible for optimal brain function and how we range through the different types of brainwave activity. There are five types of brainwaves.

  • Gamma (γ)
  • Beta (β)
  • Alpha (α)
  • Theta (θ)
  • Delta (δ)

Each has a different purpose, from relaxation to concentration, sleep, and activity. That quick science lesson might seem a bit boring and unbeneficial to you. But what if we told you it was why you’re not gaining traction with your life?

If you feel like you’re missing out on opportunities and falling behind in life while watching your peers succeed, your brain has a problem.

Fortunately, we can leverage this knowledge to improve our brain’s plasticity and ability to change our direction in life. The Theta brainwave is the frequency the brain operates when we’re about to fall asleep, and it’s the primary driver of brain plasticity.

The Genius Wave - A Science-Backed Method to Unlock the Power of Your Mind

Dr. James Rivers is a neuroscientist with a career spanning 34 years. He’s made it his mission to study the brain; his work has some interesting insights. Dr. Rivers discovered that the Theta brainwave state is the key to increasing brain plasticity and improving brain function.

That’s why he calls it the “Genius Wave.”

He came across a NASA study on children and the brainwaves they emit as they grow older. The study followed children for over a decade and noticed that their brain plasticity declined as they entered adolescence and adulthood. Let’s look at a quick example of that.

Do you remember when you were a child, and someone asked you what you wanted to be in life? You probably said you wanted to be a doctor, fireman, astronaut, or even president. These lofty ambitions seem achievable at such a young age. However, as we age, we lose these dreams as reality sets in and realize we can’t achieve that goal.

We lose our brain plasticity as our environment conditions us into believing that our goals are reserved for a special few people. So, why does this happen to some of us, but others go on to become the first man in space or the leader of the Free World?

The reason is our diminished ability to harness the Theta brainwave state. As we age, our brain spends less time in the Theta state, and our brain plasticity declines. As a result, we become less able to change our attitude or develop new skills.

See for yourself why The Genius Wave is so popular

How to Access the Theta State & Release the Genius Wave

The Genius Wave program is designed to allow us to access the Theta brainwave state without waking up at 4 am or spending hours meditating every day. Our brain receives and recognizes a particular frequency, sending us deep into the Theta state, where the brain improves its plasticity.

We’ve already discussed how the brain operates in five different brainwave states. The powers that run the planet (think of the World Economic Forum) understand the power of the Theta state and brain plasticity.

When the brain is more plastic, we’re more likely to question authority and seek alternatives to suggestions. That doesn’t bode well with the people that run society. They want to keep us calm and compliant. So, they introduced entertainment, drugs, and social media to dumb us down. They add poisonous chemicals to our food, water, and air, reducing our brain function and plasticity by keeping us away from the Theta brainwave state.

Essentially, they turn us into compliant sheep who don’t question authority and do as we’re told. The problem with this plan is that it makes us products of our environment. We lack the capacity for original thought and move through life without achieving the greatness we all have inside of us.

People who access their Theta brainwave have more chances of becoming free thinkers.

Access your genius potential now!

Change Your Mindset & Vibration in Minutes

So, how do we change our reality and access the Theta state without going through the hassle of meditating for hours every day or waking up early? The answer is simple - we expose our brain to the specific Theta frequency.

That’s where the Genius Wave comes into play. Dr. Rivers developed an audio file that resonates at the specific Theta frequency of 4-8 Hz, initiating the Theta brainwave state without needing to meditate or get out of bed at four in the morning.

This seven-minute audio file is worth listening to alone. Load it onto your iOS or Android device and listen to it for seven minutes once or twice during the day when you have some alone time. Relax in a quiet space, wear headphones or earbuds, and listen to the Genius Wave audio file.

The frequency emitted sounds like white noise. While this exercise might seem pointless to your conscious mind, your brain knows what to do with the frequency. The Genius Wave allows almost instantaneous access to the Theta brainwave state, improving your brain plasticity.

Regular listening sessions enhance plasticity, and your brain becomes more plastic, changing your thinking and mindset. Suddenly, you find that your life experience changes for the better. When the brain is more plastic, you can see the opportunities you used to miss. You become more aware of your existence, and your drive to achieve more with your life becomes more apparent.

You begin to leverage the coincidences and opportunities in your life, driving you toward success. Whether you want to become financially independent or find the right relationship, your brain identifies opportunities to make this a reality.

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Become the Next Genius Wave Success Story

Today, you can use the Genius Wave to achieve the life you deserve. This program will bring so much benefit into your life that you could expect it to retail for thousands of dollars.

However, Dr. Rivers doesn’t want to drain your bank account; he wants to help you achieve your destiny in life. That’s why he’s offering this valuable program to you for the low price of $39.

Become one of the 19,000+ people worldwide who are already seeing benefits from using the Genius Wave to improve their brain plasticity. Visit the official online store and see dozens of testimonials from verified program users.

These individuals discuss how the Genius Wave improved their IQ by several points in just a few weeks. They talk about how they suddenly found success and wealth by opening their mind to the opportunities around them.

You could be the next success story of the Genius Wave. However, it’s up to you to take action and make it for yourself; Dr. Rivers can’t do that for you. Are you tired of living a life of quiet desperation? Are you tired of seeing friends and family get ahead while you seem to go nowhere with yours?

The Genius Wave will unlock your mind and bring you the success you deserve. Leverage the power of neuroscience and order the Genius Wave today. A few months from now, you’ll see this as the best investment you’ve ever made.

Purchase The Genius Wave

So, you’re ready to commit to the Genius Wave digital program. You might think this all sounds too good to be true, but don’t let this hold you back from making the most critical life decision.

Meanwhile, the Genius Wave costs $39.00 on the official website with free bonuses. These are:

  • Attracting Money and Wealth
  • Genius Visualization
  • Create Your Ideal Future

That’s why Dr. Rivers wants to make this a risk-free purchase for you. The doctor is so convinced you’ll see outstanding results beyond your expectations that he’s willing to guarantee your purchase of the Genius Wave.

That’s why you get a 30-day money-back guarantee on this doctor-approved system. If you commit to the Genius Wave today, try it for 30 days, and you don’t see results, Dr. Rivers will give you a full refund. You get a risk-free trial of this powerful system and the chance to live the life you deserve without taking any financial responsibility. Customers can email support at:

  • support@TheGeniusWave.com

Start today. Commit to the Genius Wave and change your mindset for a better life.


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