‘Me' in Memorial Day

On May 27, we observed Memorial Day, a day to remember and honor those who gave their lives for this country.

Donald Trump, however, chose to use this day to air his grievances.

Although his first tweet of the day showed him saluting a grave, his second tweet started with, “Happy Memorial Day to All, including the Human Scum that is working so hard to destroy our Once Great Country and to the Radical Left, Trump Hating Federal Judge in New York that presided over, get this, two separate trials, that awarded a woman, who I never met before ... ”

He continued this rant against E. Jean Carroll, whom a jury ruled him liable for sexually assaulting, his $450 million loss in the New York civil case and the ongoing hush money criminal case.

We have to ask, “What is wrong with this person?”

We have to realize that this is not normal behavior.

It is the embodiment of a vindictive, petty narcissist who continually thinks of only himself.

Is this the type of unhinged conduct that could be trusted to hold a nuclear launch button?

It is ironic, if not disrespectful, that he used the word “Happy Memorial Day” to begin his rantings.

Most people observed this day in a solemn reminder for the men and women who put country before themselves.

Trump shows that he only thinks of “Me” in Memorial Day.

David Lasorsa

Port Angeles