LETTER:Supports levies

I support the Crescent School educational programs and operations (EP&O) levy and capital projects levy.

My children are Crescent graduates and are now successful in their careers.

I have been a school volunteer for over 25 years and appreciate the hard work and dedication of the staff, while admiring the efforts of the Crescent students.

Crescent School has the ideal model: small classes and faculty with big aspirations.

Students have academic support and are given opportunities to learn in a welcoming environment.

Students enjoy growing up together on one campus.

The last EP&O levy supported Crescent’s revitalized music program, shop class and technology courses.

Students produced the first online Logger News, and were journalists, reporters and media producers.

Funding supports after school activities and the vital extended day program for younger students.

The capital projects levy funded remodels in the gym, band room, locker room, kitchen and play shed.

Older buildings require crucial maintenance, and new levy dollars are allocated to update aging HVAC units, replace electric gym heaters, upgrade security, replace some roofing, flooring and student desks.

It’s a large list, but it’s in the order of greatest needs first.

Supporting Crescent School keeps it functioning at its best.

Levy dollars begin where state and federal funding ends, and it’s a needed source to keep students safe and learning with the best educational support we can.

Ballots have been mailed to all the Crescent District voters.

Please join me in voting yes by Feb. 13.

Karen Farris

Port Angeles