LETTER:State should pay

After reading an article in the PDN that said paraeducators might have to go out on strike, I decided to write this letter.

I know that the Port Angeles School District would be perfectly willing to give the raises that are being asked of them.

They know how important these men and women are in their support of the classroom teachers.

The problem is there is no money to do that.

The underfunding by the state Legislature makes it impossible to give every person working in schools in the state the salary raises that they have earned and deserve.

I have two suggestions.

Contact the state legislators and demand that they take financial action that is absolutely needed, and more than once.

Also, if you are retired, or have some extra time, call the school district and see if you can volunteer in some capacity to support these amazing educators.

Our kids are the future and we must support the people who are working so hard to prepare them for that future, and they need that support.

Darlene Clemens

Port Angeles