LETTER:Southern border

The crisis on our southern border is just that, a crisis.

Each day on TV we witness a line of refugees as they march in a single file.

It is composed mainly of middle-aged men.

There are a few children.

The march is orderly, we seldom see fights.

Obviously they must be healthy to endure the blazing heat of the desert as they march along.

More than half are men, few children and no one is overweight.

No doubt some of them can’t make it and must lie down.

There are no meals, nor does anyone carry groceries.

There are no tents or tarps.

Each day, of course, they must use a restroom, but none are in sight.

If someone is sick, there are no doctors or nurses.

Sometimes aircraft or buses are there to carry them away.

Who pays for this?

This is an enigma of monumental proportions.

Glenn Wiggins

Port Angeles