LETTER:Don't believe him

Rep. Mike Chapman would have us believe that he has the interests of the Peninsula at heart when he decides how to vote.

What changed?

He has voted in goose step with the Democrats for years.

He has voted to strip us of our constitutionally protected rights, to take our freedoms from us, right along with his fellow Democrats.

What changed so much that he broke ranks with his party?

He voted no on a bill that passed anyway, stating it was an I-5 issue.

Where was his conscience through the rest of his tenure?

Could it be that he wants to slide into the Senate seat that is being vacated by Sen. Van De Wege?

Well I’m not buying it.

The tiger can’t change it’s stripes, and this representative wants to be a senator and will continue to vote against us if we send him back to Olympia.

Don’t believe me?

Look up his voting record for yourself and tell me if you think he’ll change.

He hasn’t represented you for a long time.

He only represents the Democrat party.

Mark A. White

Port Angeles