LETTER:Control Airbnbs

If we care about the future of Port Angeles then we must do a better job of controlling Airbnbs.

What’s wrong with a plethora of Airbnbs?

First, they turn homes for our community into profit-makers for corporate or well-heeled entities.

We live in a desirable area, and we have a major shortage of housing for much needed talent including medical professionals, waiters, sales staff, veterinarians and others.

Our residents are forced to move away because of our lack of housing or because they’ve been kicked out of their homes so the owner can run an Airbnb.

Olympic Medical Center is also suffering due to the housing crisis. OMC has trouble attracting and paying because employees cannot find affordable homes. If you want OMC to be there for your next medical emergency you need to worry about Airbnbs.

Half of Clallam County is people 50 years old and over. We are a population who needs that medical care.

Some might say not to worry about Airbnbs because they serve the tourist industry, but tourist workers need places to live too.

How many working in tourism, like forest workers and waiters, cannot find homes?

They cannot work without if they cannot find nor afford a home because of the overgrowth of Airbnbs.

Airbnbs can be useful when closely managed and regulated.

But left to spread like kudzu on a Southern barn, they stifle and strangle natural growth in a community.

Right now, Airbnbs are squeezing Port Angeles’ future by the throat.

Lisa Ward

Port Angeles