LETTER:Act of kindness

On Thursday, I was buying produce at a local store.

I checked my phone for the rest of my list and saw a text that a dear friend had just passed away.

We were expecting it, but it wasn’t a good time to receive the news.

I was trying to control my emotions when my husband came to see what we needed and asked me what was wrong.

I lost it as I gave him the sad news.

I regained my composure, sent him off to get essential items so we could leave.

At that point, a young woman and her mom (?) came up to me with a bouquet of alstroemeria.

The young lady said, “I saw that you were upset, so I bought these for you.”

Naturally, I burst into tears again, and tried to explain what had upset me.

They sympathized with me and, after many thanks, we went on our ways.

What a lovely thing to do for a stranger.

Many praises to this young woman, and to the family who raised her, to have such a kind heart.

There is hope for us yet.

Kay Ellison