LETTER: Wasteful spending

In case you need another reason to vote against Democrats this year, here’s a recent headline from Pullman Radio, “WSU Needs Over 1 Billion Dollars To Move Away From Natural Gas Campus Heat To Comply With State Mandate.”

Yes, you read that right: Democrats, mandate, no natural gas, one billion dollars.

Majority Democrats in the Washington Legislature passed the Climate Commitment Act in 2021, which was signed by Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee.

To comply with the ban, WSU needs to replace its steam plants by retrofitting 7 miles of steam tunnels used to heat 151 buildings totaling 8.8 million square feet of space on the Pullman campus.

Natural gas is the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon.

It is an abundant, versatile, efficient and affordable source of energy that has been a key player in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What is the proposed replacement? “WSU wants to move to an [electric] heat pump plant to keep the campus warm.”

And what will produce the electricity for the heat pump?

Maybe wind, maybe solar, maybe nuclear, but undoubtedly other hydrocarbons, too.

With a population of roughly 8 million, this mandate will cost the typical Washington family of four more than $500 for an unnecessary, wasteful, virtue-signaling, pork barrel project.

Voters, you pay for this kind of Democratic nonsense all the time.

You may as well stack up half a grand in paper currency and set it on fire.

At least then you would be able to toast some marshmallows.

Jerry Ludke

Port Angeles