LETTER: Vaccine injuries

Last week was an eventful one for people affected by adverse reactions to COVID vaccines.

White house officials were grilled by Congress on their role in pressuring social media to suppress true information —including about vaccine injuries — that ran contrary to government interests.

A judge in Texas heard arguments in a False Claims Act suit against Pfizer for fraud in the clinical trials.

And vaccine injuries finally made the New York Times.

These developments are especially significant to me because Michelle Zimmerman, featured in the Times article, worked with my husband at the time of her injury.

When I heard what happened to her, I assumed she’d be surrounded by sympathetic people eager to investigate what went wrong and learn how to help.

When the opposite happened, I set out on a years-long journey advocating support for Michelle and many others, finally coming to the painful understanding that representative democracy doesn’t work when powerful entities are tasked with policing themselves.

I’ve advocated at every level from our local hospital board and county health board to state and federal representatives, Washington state health board, and all the alphabet agencies in DC.

Mostly the response is silence.

Sometimes I’m told not to believe misinformation when I share peer-reviewed papers and testimonies of injury.

It’s disheartening that those tasked to regulate and those expected to care simply do not.

It’s my belief that change will come from the ground up.

Please join me in making your voices heard to support our injured neighbors.

Kathy Zelenka

Port Angeles