LETTER: U.S., Israel risk calamity

The Israel-Gaza war is about to destroy Israel’s relationship with the U.S.

Approval for that war has plummeted from 50 percent in November 2023 to 36 percent in March 2024.

U.S. support for this war is overwhelmingly provided by the Israel lobby in the U.S., which, in turn, is almost unconditionally supported by the U.S. government and media.

The Israel lobby obstructs public discussion of U.S.-Israel policy issues by threatening false accusations of anti-semitism.

These threats are executed in the form of election extortion; criminalization of criticism of and economic sanctions against Israel; and denial of federal and private funding to U.S. universities that allow protests or criticism against U.S.-Israel policies.

These U.S.-Israel lobby policies do horrendous damage to U.S. citizens, including loss of public office, jobs or employability, reputations and other forms of revenge against the falsely accused.

A May 2, 2024, New York Post column is an example of that Israel lobby’s contempt for the U.S.

It said college protesters sought to foment pro-terrorist and anti-Jewish violence.

It said Germany is now a better place for the Jewish people than the U.S.

It said U.S. news outlets lined up behind Hamas, all of which conspired to justify vicious Jew hatred.

This is an unwarranted and hateful libel against the U.S., the best friend Israel ever had.

This could irreparably damage Israel, America and their relationship.

If the Israel lobby cannot restrain its subversion of U.S. interests, Congress needs to do it for them.

Malcolm D. McPhee