LETTER: Thank you, NY jury

The conviction of Donald Trump on 34 felony counts by a jury of his peers is good for our country.

Not only did New York State protect its citizens from a person who hid his fraudulent, illegal, corruptive acts during a presidential election campaign, but the jury verdict reassures all of us in 50 states to believe in our system of government based on the edict that no one is above our laws, even a billionaire.

Trump is just one more felon who blames the system rather than own up to his crimes and face the music with honesty.

He’s not a blessed savior, but a lifelong simple snake oil salesperson who has once again come to justice.

I have to admit a lack of assurance about how you’d vote, if you’d convict this man, an egomaniac who lies constantly and preys on vulnerable people’s gullibility, who operates in a self-serving moral vacuum, who abdicated his responsibility to preserve and protect our constitutional republic over and over again.

Or if you’d fail, succumbing to fatalistic lassitude which would contribute to people’s foolish, unwarranted, vengeful, violent behavior.

Thank you, jury members, for doing your duty: For following the facts thoroughly and without favor; for having common sense; for not being intimidated by abusive criticism and threats toward you and your families; for taking the high-stake risks of conscientiously serving your state and our nation.

Gayle Brauner

Port Angeles