LETTER: Supports paras

Our Port Angeles community should be outraged that management of our school district is denying paraeducators a modest raise, and one that the Legislature has already funded.

As a parent, I was especially distressed by the letter that school district management sent out last week claiming that they don’t have the money because they spent it on other things.

Taxpayers expect that the money we give the school district will go toward our kids’ education and support, and if they’re telling us that’s not what they’re doing, maybe it’s time for new management.

I understand more than most parents about the critical role of paraeducators because I used to work as one at Hamilton and Jefferson elementary schools.

It’s a job I love and I’d hoped to continue, but I simply can’t afford to.

Every para I know puts their heart and soul into helping all our kids, and when districts won’t pay them properly, they have to make the tough choice between what’s best for your kids or their own, and that’s when we lose paras.

Please send the school board a message to let them know you support paras.

Lucy Wait

Port Angeles