LETTER: Pickens for state Rep.

There are three good Democrats running for the open District 24 state House seat.

To me, Eric Pickens stands out; here’s why:

I first heard of Eric’s work as president of the Port Angeles School District teachers’ union, where he was admired for the respectful, compassionate and committed way that he worked on behalf of his fellow teachers and students.

Later I heard of Eric’s leadership on the Sequim School Board, where he’s served as president for the last three years.

Clearly, this is a person who can understand both sides of a situation.

More recently, I’ve gotten to see Eric in action, and I have yet to see someone so sincere, humble, thoughtful and compassionate run for state office.

Eric thinks deeply about issues, their systemic causes, solutions and trade-offs; at the same time, he intently ponders what others have to say.

At a recent forum, the candidates were asked to rotate among small groups and begin each group by answering two questions set by the moderators.

Both other candidates led off with stump speeches and hardly remembered what the questions were; Eric went directly to those questions, then asked us what we’d like to discuss.

He didn’t proffer pat answers or promise the moon, but he really engaged.

Eric is the real thing and deserves your vote.

Ed Chadd

Port Angeles