LETTER: Not transparent at all

I recently attended a town hall meeting at the Sequim Grange that was advertised to discuss openness and transparency in government, a topic I am very interested in.

Instead it was a panel of elected officials and community activists discussing Towne Road and the MAT clinic.

While this wasn’t what I thought I was attending, I was initially intrigued and then deeply concerned about the events that occurred.

The county commissioner who was not there was repeatedly attacked without the opportunity to defend himself.

Neither of the other county commissioners spoke up to stop the attacks.

The audience repeatedly made racist remarks about the Jamestown S’Klallam tribe.

When one individual stood up to ask questions, he was immediately booed and told to go home.

Ironically, his question was about harassment and bullying of the public who live near county projects.

Lastly, when the host didn’t like comments made by the attendees they were told to leave.

This isn’t what I expected at a town hall advertising transparency and “all are welcome.”

It is disgraceful that the organizers used false pretenses to get attendees.

The two commissioners dishonored themselves by allowing their peer to be maligned and not walking out in solidarity.

The Sequim Grange tarnished their heritage by allowing this event to occur at their venue.

I believe we are a better community than this.

Danielle Heselbach

Port Angeles