LETTER: Not a sound plan

President Biden, with his vast knowledge of the auto industry, will set a target reflecting that all new auto sales be electric by 2030, but, truly, I wonder if he has thought this through.

Sounds like a half-vast idea to me.

Firstly, the idea of allowing regulators, especially our present president, to decide what car I am allowed to buy smacks of central planning, which, history tells us, usually fails.

And, apparently, the major car manufacturers are familiar with historical central planning failures and are now scaling back future production plans.

Further, EVs, due to their increased weight, really produce more particulate pollution than do conventional vehicles, not to mention the air pollution produced by the additional generating plants essential to meet the needed electricity requirements.

Secondly, Biden announced that he will propose legislation to halt production of all new coal plants and impose power plant emission regulations that are impossible for coal plants to meet.

He also proposes to dramatically reduce methane emissions from the oil and natural gas industries which amounts to a de facto ban on natural gas.

So let me get this straight.

Our elected officials say they want to eliminate all gas cars in favor of those that run on electricity thereby nearly doubling the demand on our nation’s electricity grid.

And then they propose to severely limit the efficiency of many of those power plants that produce electricity.

Or just shut them down.

What are they thinking?

Or, rather, are they thinking at all?

Dick Pilling

Port Angeles