LETTER: Lesser of two evils

Sadly, the U.S. must choose between the lesser of evils in 2024, Biden or Trump.

Biden is a war monger who used false information to provoke and encourage the Russia-Ukraine war by dismissing Russia’s longstanding NATO security concerns.

Biden allows the slaughter of civilians in Gaza when he has the power to prevent or stop it. He deceitfully laments the death of civilians while continuing to supply Israel with weapons used to kill Palestinian women and children.

Israel continues to urge the U.S. into a wider war with Iran.

Biden now provokes wider wars with Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

He uses relentless, invective sanctions, economic war (protectionism) and arming their adversaries to the teeth.

Wars of this magnitude could destroy the U.S. as we know it.

That could include our international economic standing and such domestic systems as Social Security, healthcare, education, infrastructure and even our constitutional republic.

Finally, America’s enthusiasm for war will soon vanish when it is realized that this time these wars will be fought on U.S. soil.

Trump has expressed concern about the military, human and economic costs of forever or foreign wars.

Trump recently told Israel categorically to “finish up your war ... We have to get to peace.”

Furthermore, at least Trump’s most concerning domestic policies can be contested through Congress or the courts.

Not necessarily so with war.

Democratic Party leaders need the spine to tell Biden and Israel to respect U.S. interests or they will be finished in the U.S.

Malcolm D. McPhee