LETTER: Ferguson farce

So precisely what was the point of the “Three Bob Fergusons” sideshow?

If the goal was to get attention, the Republicans behind it got some media coverage and a few laughs for about 48 hours, after which the two fake candidates dropped out.

Or maybe someone thought this was a brilliant strategy that would actually get as far as the ballot?

Never mind that this attempted fraud was a felony.

Or was it a Trump-like victimhood ploy; create a bad situation, commit a crime and then play the innocent victim when you are held accountable?

One of the perpetrators, Robert Benjamin Ferguson, actually claimed “harassment” and that his family would be threatened if he did not withdraw from the race, when his filing as a candidate was plainly intended to confuse and mislead voters.

I would say to Glen Morgan, the Republican who raised the money for this sad tour de farce, that the real Bob Ferguson’s skill, integrity and solid record of service as our attorney general means that he, the real Bob Ferguson, will genuinely and authentically be voted our next governor in November.

Lisa Dekker

Port Angeles