LETTER: Destroy Hamas

An editorial by Charles Blow, one of the resident geniuses of The New York Times, appeared in the Peninsula News.

His position is that Israel should immediately cease fire.

He states that many here in government, clergy and academia also call for a ceasefire.

He states that students today have “grown up with protest movements — Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter,” and so on.

He further states that summer is soon upon us, and students will make their point clear.

In WWI, the Axis powers, Germany, Austria-Hungary, et al, started a war that consumed 11 million people.

Again Germany started WWII that killed as many as 50 million people.

What percentage of those killed were innocent civilians?


What would have happened if the Russians drew to a halt at the Oder River, and the U.S. and Allies had held up at the Rhine River, and allowed Germany to go its own way?

What would have happened if the U.S had stopped at Okinawa and let Japan go its way with a standing army of almost 7 million?

I believe Israel has to completely destroy Hamas, and everything they have to make war with.

As painful and diplomatically challenging as it is.

To cease fire now will only let the rats back into their tunnels to fight another day.

Phil Turner