LETTER: Children first?

Please help me understand. I’m a novice to understanding nonsense.

Teachers were given hefty raises after the McCleary decision in order to reduce class sizes, which are now upwards of 30 students in some elementary classes in our schools.

Those same teachers were hamstrung during COVID, and due to equity concerns, provided both of my children the worst education known to man for the last few months of spring 2020.

Yet, did those same teachers speak out?

This year, as some of the highest paid teachers in the nation, they received a cost of living increase nearing 4 percent.

And did the superintendent really receive a hefty bonus for securing a levy, which so far, costs taxpayers heavily, yet which has produced to date one fancy soccer field?

Those same administrators recently vacated their downtown office in order to reside in a premium school building that the community built them 20-some years ago, yet they ask for more money for school buildings.

Paras do excellent work.

I certainly support them in this class struggle, but weren’t they the same ones yelling at my kids for having their mask below their noses?

What am I missing?

Seems like apologies should come first.

Isn’t that what we teach our kids?

When do they come into the equation?

David Zelenka

Port Angeles